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7 Character Bleach Strongest

Spotliteanime - 7 Character Bleach Strongest.

Kisuke Urahara

No doubt, Urahara is one of the most important figures in this series. He often acts as a problem solver in many conflicts. Urahara is actually a former captain of the 12th division who is now hiding in the human world. Reason ane ane enter the list is kepinterannya. He can solve problems and create a variety of unique objects, one of which Hōgyoku, objects can create your users beyond the power of Shinigami and Hollow.
Zanpakutonya named Behinime, which can emit energy waves red. Bankainya still not shown. He mastered various kido high levels, it can even create their own kidonya, for example, Kido which he uses to seal Aizen. Urahara too, who managed to find out the weaknesses bankai burglar tools belonging to Quincy.

Kenpanchi Zaraki

Zaraki is the captain of the 11th division which has incredible strength, the only captain who does not master shikai and bankai. Its main strength is enormous reiatsu, even he had to use a tool to suck profit reiatsu. He is Kenpanchi the 2nd generation, which is constituted by the previous Kenpanchi, Unohana Retsu.
Zaraki is one of the five special power that can defeat the king Quincy. To awaken the sleeping powers, he fights against Unohana in a fight to the death. After defeating Unohana, Zaraki hear the sound of zanpakutonya. The next most likely he will appear with shikainya.

Shunsui Kyoraku

Previously he was the captain of the 8th division and pupils of Genryusai. Now he was appointed commander of the captain of the Gotei 13 replaces Genryusai. No doubt he must have enormous power. Is the strategy in the war against Quincy.
Zanpakutonya named Katenkyokotsu, a twin zanpaku. He can attack with a blast of energy that whirls, Boshagoma. Takaoni made suddenly appeared from above the opponent, Kageoni make it hiding in the shadows, and Iro Oni, which makes the battles become like children's games. Bankainya when he was about to use against Stark, however, prevented by Ukitake. Bankainya likely will arise against Jugram Haschwalth.

Aizen Sousuke

The former captain of the 5th Division were later betrayed. After getting Hōgyoku, he went to Hueco Mundo and form an army of Arrancar against Gotei 13. The key objective is to create the King and go into the world of spirits to kill the king. Aizen has the intelligence and cunning tactics, one of them when the fight against Yamamoto Genryusai.
Zanpakutonya named Kyokasuigetsu, zanpakuto can menggendalikan what is seen, heard and felt by the opponent, also called a hypnotic total. Aizen also has enormous power. He can beat some of the captains and Vizard unharmed. Once you can master Hōgyoku, Aizen has power beyond the limits of Shinigami and Hollow, which make it impossible to be killed.

Ichigo Kurosaki

A Shinigami substitute, which gained strength from the shinigami Rukia Kuchiki, are the main actors in the story. His father Isshin Shiba, former captain of the 10th division who later married Masaki Kurosaki, who is a Quincy. Ichigo is also a Fullbringers. Zanpakutonya named Zangetsu, which has the ability to catapult energy waves called Getsuga Tenshou. Bankainya named Tensa Zangetsu, giving Ichigo the strength and speed doubled. Hollow Ichigo also have the power, which makes it special than usual shinigami, and Blut, ability only possessed by the Quincy.
The greatest power ever used Ichigo is Final Getsuga Tenshou, the original form of zanpakutonya that gives Ichigo a very large force, but must sacrifice all its shinigami powers. Today, Ichigo has gained new zanpakuto to prepare for the Quincy.

Yamamoto Genryusai Shigekuni

Commander of the Gotei 13 captain who had led for more than 1000 years. He has the power and speed that can not be matched by other shinigami. Zanpakutonya namely Ryujin Jakka, zanpakuto zanpakuto fire which is the strongest ever. Fire Ryujin Jakka have enormous power, even enough to destroy entire cities with a single attack.
Bankainya namely Zanka no Tachi, which extract the entire fire he has in his sword, which is shaped like a sword charred. His attack will not spare anything. It also can form a shield in the body Genryusai of fire that reaches thousands of degrees of heat so it is not possible impenetrable by anything. And also can awaken those who have been killed from the fire and making fire zombie forces.

Juha Bach

Quincy king responsible for the massacre of thousands of shinigami in seiretei. All Quincy strong subject matter under his command. Its strength is still unknown, but it certainly would have enormous power. In the previous bout, he can beat Yamamoto Genryusai very easily. Especially now that he has Bankai of Genryusai, which makes it a very terrible enemy.

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